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We search volunteers and share information in different social media for more ideas.

We maked budgets in different places for the event, such as food, music, drinks and the different surprises that will be given during the event. Many of them are donations.

For example, Bodega Aurrera donated us sodas.

We are very excited for this great event!

Where are we going?

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We're going to plan the festival in San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla.

In a social room. The location is 345, Av. Roma. 
You are invited, on February 16th, 2018.

What are we going to do?

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We're going to raise money to donate sweaters, coats and food for the most needy. We have some ideas for raise money.

We are going to organice a music festival, our friends have a rock band and they're will invite to more bands to play good music. We think to sell tickets for the festival in $15 (MXN).

The idea about the festival is raise money and collect diferent things. For example if you want to a free tickect you need to carry warm clothes, blankets, etcetera. All in good state. 

Who are we?

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Our names are Andrés and Yulissa. We're both university students. 

We study in San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla. Our city is cold in this season of the year (fall-winter). All the days we wearing hot coats because we study in the afternoon and the weather doesn't help. 

When we began to study we suffered from bad weather but over time we have learned to endure it.

For this reasons, We wanted to do something to help people who live on the streets and suffer for the bad weather.

Welcome to our Blog!

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We are Andrés and Yulissa

We are from to México and we study public accounting at ITSSMT